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EP13 - HR Manager terminated for ‘advising’ employee to resign | Fake MC = criminal offence

Fellow HR practitioners, have you ever “advised” or “suggested” an employee to resign, thinking it might shield the company from an unfair dismissal case? 🤔 Pause and consider: what are the real consequences of these actions?

We're thrilled to feature Mr. Roshan Selvaratnam from Roshan Advocates & Solicitors, diving into his firm’s victory in an Industrial Court case where an HR manager's termination for advising an employee to resign turns the spotlight on the critical importance of HR's role in the workplace.💡

Plus, Mr. Roshan, with his criminal law hat on, unveils the dark side of fake MCs - 🚓 the serious legal implication waiting for those who dare to cheat the system.

This eye-opening discussion unfolds at the serene Feast Restaurant of Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel, amidst the vibrant Break Fast buffets. A perfect setting for a conversation that's as rich and varied as the buffet on offer. Sponsored By Sheraton Petaling Jaya

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