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EP15 - RM96million Constructive Dismissal claim at the Civil Courts - Possible?

Updated: 4 days ago

In Episode 15 of MEC@sense, Mr. Victor Gan welcomes Mr. Donovan Cheah from Donovan & Ho. They discuss whether constructive dismissal claims can be brought in civil court—a topic sparked by Mr. Donovan's landmark victory in the Court of Appeal.

Recorded live at Amari Kuala Lumpur, this session delves into the Court of Appeal's landmark decision, which ruled such actions as an abuse of legal process.

The episode also covers the nuances of constructive dismissal and strategies for managing employee grievances to prevent such cases, drawing on both gentlemen’s extensive experience in the field.

Tune in to learn from this victorious case and understand the implications of the RM96 million claim.

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