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EP12 - Ramen Restaurant Saga | Right to Disconnect | Victor Gan & Dzulfadli Bin Lamin

This week we discussed issues around deduction of wages, employee's right to disconnect and potential amendments to laws (employment related) in 2024. Deduction of wages became a hot topic after the ramen restaurant in KL went viral for a list of deductions arising from 'misconduct' and 'breaches' of an employee during work. We explored the explanation given by the employer and compared it with s.24 of the Employment Act 1955. Employee's right to disconnect is a new Bill in Australia. This is a rather trendy topic therefore it will be interesting to find out how this may impact Malaysia as a nation. Our last segment focuses on proposed amendments, namely changes to SOCSO & EIS & the Labour Ordinances in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak).

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